Company History
The Nichols name had been associated with engineering and surveying in Union City and West Tennessee since 1951.

Bransford & Nichols Engineering Company was formed in 1951 by H. A. Bransford and L. C. Nichols. The first office was at 107-1/2 East Church Street, Union City, Tennessee. This company later became Nichols Engineering Company, and was incorporated in 1967 as Nichols Engineering Service, Inc., with Robert L. Nichols as president. Robert L. Nichols & Associates was then started in 1982, with Robert L. Nichols as owner. L. C. Nichols provided consultation and some inspection services, as needed.
In 2014 Robert L. Nichols & Associates was changed to Ashburn  Nichols Associates, LLC a partnership consisting of Mack Ashburn and Robert L. Nichols.
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Other personnel are also used, as needed.
Robert L. Nichols, PE, PLS, Partner
Ralph E. Nichols, Inspector
Mack R. Ashburn, PLS, Partner
L. C. Nichols, PE (1919-2011)
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